A Place to Remember

Our garden is a safe space for those who've lost loved ones

Losing a loved one is always difficult. Losing your child can feel like the end of the world. If you're facing this difficult reality, you need a supportive community of others who understand your situation. M2 (Squared) Foundation For Peace and Social Change aims to be that community. That's why we've created the Peacemaker Garden in memory of all of those who have been lost due to homicides.

Visit the Peacemaker Garden today.

Our community's center

Our community's center

Our garden is dedicated to Michael Nelson Jr. He was our founder's son and a homicide victim. This space not only honors him, but also serves as a venue for M2 (Squared) Foundation For Peace and Social Change events. You can attend our community meetings and Stop the Violence events here. The garden is also always available to community members searching for a place to reflect on and remember their lost loved ones.

Join us in remembrance at the Peacemaker Garden today.