Funding Our Community's Future

You can make a difference

Do you want to make a difference in your local community? So does M2 (Squared) Foundation For Peace and Social Change. Our organization aims to help families and youths in Rochester, NY through outreach, scholarships and events. You can support our mission through donations. Any amount is appreciated and can help us reach milestones and connect with more local families.

Contact us today to donate.

Every donation helps

Every donation helps

No matter how much money you can contribute, you'll be helping us reach our goals and make a change. Our programs are all made possible through your support. Your donations will help:

  • Establish $500 scholarships for seniors at Franklin High School
  • Maintain our Peacemaker Garden, where we host events and gatherings
  • Fund luncheons for the parents of homicide victims
  • Fund two-day weekend retreats for the parents of homicide victims
  • Support our outreach program to help us reach more families
  • Help pay for the funerals of homicide victims whose families can't afford them
Donate to M2 (Squared) Foundation For Peace and Social Change today to start making a difference in the Rochester community.